Our Story


Hello and welcome to Make Like Mimi! We're passionate about creativity, stimulating children’s imaginations and the importance of playtime.

My name is Ariel and I live in beautiful far north Queensland with my husband and our daughter Mietta, who we call Mimi! As an ex Film and TV Producer, and with degrees in Art History and Media Cultural Communications Management, you could say creativity runs through my veins.

After Mimi was born and the haze of the newborn bubble lifted, I started to crave the passion and creative outlet that my previous career had afforded me. I soon began to fill our days with age appropriate craft activities and sensory play, delighting in watching my little girl’s creativity and imagination blossom. After sharing our fun with family and friends via social media, I found myself being inundated with questions; how did you make that? Where did you get that idea from? How do you find the energy to do these activities?! Many commented that they would love to do similar with their little ones but simply didn’t have the time, resources or ideas. And so Make Like Mimi was born.

It is well understood that children learn through play. Each of our fun and engaging themed packs are intended to develop early childhood learning opportunities in a way that is enjoyable for little minds. From fostering artistic expression, improving concentration and stimulating fine motor skills to developing vocabulary and helping build confidence through creativity.

The challenge for many parents and caregivers is finding the time to purchase and plan for fun activities. The selection of craft goodies on the market is enormous, often materials go to waste and while we adore Pinterest it is all too easy to fall down the rabbit hole and feel overwhelmed. Make Like Mimi is designed to be a convenient, affordable and fun solution to this dilemma. So whether it’s an opportunity to slow down and spend quality time together or simply revel in the joy of watching your little one’s creativity run wild, we know our Make Like Mimi packs will bring endless delight to your family.